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"Custom Detective's Chevrolet Suburban. Fantastic developer, great communications, and awesome end result." "Chevrolet Express 3500 Crime Scene Van - Fantastic work, unique original vehicle done awesomely."



"Really great service and responds pretty quickly. The trailer looks fking beautiful. 11/10 would recommend Jacob!!!"



"2018 DOT Silverado | Wow, for $5 dollars (flash sale) I couldn't be happier! The arrow board is amazing, the model is low poly but high quality. The light setup is really nice and the tow hitch is just the icing on the cake. This is a STEAL at $10 let alone $5, during the ordering process Zeakor was very professional and polite and made the whole process really smooth. I hope to see more DOT models from him and I will definitely be purchasing more models from him in the future!"



"2018 Chevy Tahoe, F150 Brush |Fast service and vehicles look and function amazingly! Templates lined up perfectly and he even was kind enough to answer a couple questions about changing textures on other vehicles will buy again and recommended to all my friends, family, dogs, and hoes."



"Got myself the 2018 Liberty Tahoe, the vehicle is awesome. But there is one major thing here - the dev, @Zeakor , himself. He is an absolute machine when it comes to customer service, care and response. He response in a timely manner and tries to turn each wish / request into reality which is amazing. Can recommend him 120%"